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My favourite KHR yuri pairing. I call them Cookshipping, don't like it? Too bad. Because I'm possibly the only one who loves them together.

1. Angst

Bianchi watched as I-Pin fought her way through their opponents, and fought the urge to allow the tears she held back to slip down her face. Because, at that moment, she knew she could no longer protect I-Pin.

2. AU

"I-Pin, can you take this to table seven?" The head baker, Bianchi, glanced over at her cute, Chinese waitress before quickly passing her a plate of chocolate chip cookies,
"Right" The waitress uttered back, turning on her heel and sauntering out of the room, choosing to ignore the slap on the butt from her employer.

3. Crack

"I-Pin, what did you just feed me?"
"...A gyoza full off aphrodisiacs"

4. Crossover

"Bianchi..." I-Pin fiddling with one of her long braids, her cheeks stained pink as she stood in front of her friend who simply 'hmm'-ed in acknowledgement,
"Do you like Ran-Mao more than me?" She almost jumped out of her skin as the dark haired Italian burst into a fit of hysterical laughter.

5. First Time

Their first time was special, solely because Bianchi wanted it to be. They were just about to tear off one another's clothes in the middle of the restaurant where I-Pin worked in a fit of lust, only for the older woman to stop and drag the Chinese teen to the nearest expensive hotel. It was more 'romantic' that way.

6. Fluff

"Ehhh~ I-Pin, the noodles are co-" The customer proceeded to keel over due to poison cake to the face.

7. Humor

"I-Pin, I'm going to grope you"
"You heard me, get running. I like a challenge"

8. Hurt/Comfort

Bianchi's eyes narrowed as she reapplied salve to I-Pin's wounds, the younger's clear discomfort only enraging her further. She swore she would never allow I-Pin to be injured again.

9. Smut

I-Pin never thought that shower sex sounded at all attractive, but as Bianchi rubbed against her while lathering her far smaller chest, she didn't find it so bad.

10. UST

"Eat the cake"
"Eat it"
"...God, I hate you"



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Jan. 28th, 2010 09:56 pm (UTC)
I-I think I just ound my Yuri OTP!!!
%y favourite is the the one with the Gyoza full of aphrodisiacs (oh, I-pin...)

those two girls are just too much fun
Sep. 25th, 2010 12:51 pm (UTC)
O-OTP?! K-kya~!
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