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Curious Things

Totally ripped off from a challenge of which I cannot remember the name. Holy shit, I cannot write UST, I can only hope the epic win of the unloved pairing of Bluebell/Daisy can make up for it.

1. Angst

Daisy stared down at the ground where the slain mermaid laid, her face an unnatural shade of white, and vibrant blue hair dull. It didn't look like her. Not at all. It simply couldn't be. How could such a passionate, fiery girl look so tiny?

2. AU

"Daisy? That's a faggy name" The short girl with a teddy bear on her tiny, barely covering tube top crinkled her nose as she stared at him with narrowed blue eyes, taking in everything from his green dyed hair and the scar that lined his face, and the strange rabbit that he clutched like a safety blanket.
"Shut up, Zakuro. He's cool" All Daisy could do was smile at the girl childishly.

3. Crack

"Daisy...What happened to your rabbit thing, and why does it look like Bluebell?"

4. Crossover

"Holy shit, we've got another Daisy" Zakuro growled tossing his cards to the table he and Kikyo were calmly playing on. Bluebell raised an eyebrow at the new guy, not exactly liking the way he seemed to attempt to hide his facial scar using his long silver hair, and, only so she could introduce herself to the noobie, she took a step forward, only to feel a slight tugging on her hair. She turned on her heel, ready to bitch slap Zakuro for being a douche, but instead for a frowning Daisy shoving a dead flower in her face.
All she could do was roll her eyes and suppose he was just romantic like that.

5. First Time

Bluebell refused to call it her first time, and claimed she'd had plenty of lovers. Daisy on the other hand was forced to resist the urge to hold Buba as he was jumped by a lusty young girl.

6. Fluff

"Waaah~! Shut up, Zakuro! Shut-up! Shut-up! Shut-up" Bluebell's desperate whines echoed through the Millefiore base, bursting the ear drums of all the unlucky residents. The redheaded male, on the other hand, just continued to berrate the young girl's lack of visible muscles.
"I think you're real tough, Bluebell" Zakuro stared at Daisy who gazed almost lovingly at the tomboy in the fishtank, and realized it was pointless to debate him.

7. Humor

"We need to have more sex"

8. Hurt/Comfort

"Bluebell?" Daisy watched as the tiny female stumbled into the base, tears streaking down her face and blood splashed across her clothes.
"Bluebell?" He repeated, placing the rabbit plushie, Buba, into her arms, "You can borrow Buba"
"Thanks" She sniffled.

9. Smut

Bluebell moaned as Daisy pushed into her, pale cheeks dotted with red and eyes tightly wound shut.
"H-harder" She panted as the male above her placed a delicate kiss on her collarbone. And, as always, he complied without a word.

10. UST

Bluebell's eyebrows twitched into a glare as she watched Daisy offer two girls a dead flower, the fury only fading after the satisfaction of seeing him dragged back by Kikyo.


Маргарита Косеян
Apr. 1st, 2012 05:57 pm (UTC)
This is so nice! I want to translate it into Russian. ._.