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Puzzle Perfect

Title: Puzzle Perfect
Fandom: One Piece
Rating: G
Characters/Pairing: Perona/Miss Goldenweek
Summary: Miss Goldenweek finds herself on a mysterious island owned by a pretty Princess


"What are you doing on my island?" A young girl, hair tied in childish braids, blinked her big, brown eyes sleepily as she took in the equally as short, pink haired weirdo that appeared to be rather annoyed as she circled the girl, her eyes narrowed in concentration before she pouted and threw herself to the ground,
"Waaaaaah~! You're not cute at all!" She whined, slamming her fists against the hard, mossy ground, sending dirt spraying over her rather pretty outfit and the 'uncute' child beside her who didn't seem at all effected by the sudden temper tantrum, instead a lazy smile spread across her face.
"Hey~, chill out. Just take a nap" She called over the furious and garbled shrieks of the other female, "Yeah. A nap. That sounds nice" And, without another word, the brunette allowed herself to fall back, head landing softly on the whining girl's lower back, her smile becoming ever more surreal as she realized that they fitted together perfectly.
"What's ya name?" She questioned in her tired haze, rather pleased that the stranger had stopped thrashing about as she felt the head,
"Perona. But that's Princess, to you...-"
"Miss Goldenweek"
"That's Princess to you, Goldenweek"