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Oh Eruka, you sexy, sexy thing, you

If you could have any fictional creature from a book, film, or TV show as your pet, which one would you choose, and why?

Eruka Frog, cause then she'd be mah sex-slave <3

List of Pimpin' Shorties in Anime [W.I.P]

In no particular order, here is the famous list of shorties in anime who are also fucking awesome.
[Note: I'm currently calling anyone shorter than 160cm short. Deal with it]

1. Reborn from Katekyo Hitman Reborn. 40cm tall.
2. Ryoma Echizen tooly mctool from Tennis no Oujisama. 151cm tall.
3. Schrodinger from Hellsing. 155cm?
4. Fuko from Clannad. 140cm?
5. Rukia from Bleach. 144cm
6. Yachiru from Bleach. 106.86cm
7. Ceil Phantomhive from Kuroshitsuji. 150cm?
8. Finny from Kuroshitsuji. 157cm?

Waaaah D:

My feet huuuuurt and it's hooooooot and I had to do P.E in the suuuuuuun.

Alright, whinging over now.

I found my way home without getting lost! That makes me happy :D
But now I actually have to try to get to school. That's fuckin' annoying. I just know I'm gonna get lost and everyone will be all like "Dude, you're late" and I'll be like "Whatever, I got lost" and then there'll be a really awkward silence and then there will be the hot pr0nz

On another note, my Nana now thinks I'm a lesbian because I signed up for woodwork "Don't only boys and....that type of girl do that?" What's those types? White girls? 'Cause that's what I am. Oh, old people, how you make me pout and feel all out-o'-place when I have to explain to you that I am praying to get into woodwork to play with wood to learn a skill, not pick-up chicks.
Hell, I don't even want chicks :/

Matt, you've been added, ain't you the luckiest guy, like, evah? 'Cause now, like, you can read all my thoughts :D btw, i hate you. o shit, that wasn't meant to come out. but now it has and i'm serious. gtfo, like, now.

We have no food in the house. Seriously. I hope Mum gets me something nice after work c'mon blueberries, c'mon blueberries

I really wanna watch Hetalia. I fuckin' love that shit. paaaaaaaaaaaaaaastaaaaaa, bitches N.Italy is awesome. I think I was Italian in my past life or something. Maybe French i has wandering hands
And yet, I've been watching Tennis no Oujisama since I came home. Does anyone else preferr the OVAs, if only for the enhanced quality? /shotshotshot.
Yeah, I think the OVA series is better. Inui burning his dick off in HD is awesome. You can almost see the fried meat horror that is dick burning off.

Oh, and Matt, btw, I'm now comprising a list of the short, yet cool, anime characters. Seriously. I'm gonna make the damned list and it's gonna make people shit themselves and respect the shorties. Yeah.

School and it's many holidays

Ah, the Summer holidays, nothing like a four month break to wear away at your IQ while your Mother listens ot cheery music on her laptop. Truly, it is the time of Kings. And drag Queens.
Anyone find my attempt at a joke funny? No? Fine.

Anyway, I've finally started by Girlycard cosplay, only to realize I'm gonna need a butt load of white fabric paint. Seriously. I own nothing white. And yet I own all the correct pieces of the costume. God, shades piss me off. Fuck shades, fuck 'em in the ass. I say we do away with them, same with colours, lets just make everything black or white. That'd be dull. But at least nobody would notice my inability to make nice icons. Fuckin' paint. yeah, i totally stole my icon off photobucket; sue me, bitches, i dare you.

And I'm starting at my new school in -counts fingers- four days! Yay~! First time having classes with boys (school ratio is 3 boys for every 1 girl, I like those odds...I'm joking, Matt...OR AM I?!) which I'm lookin' forward to, as it shall increase my confidence with the opposite gender even though i treat them the same as girls.

If y'all aren't wishing me luck, start now. Seriously, I can see you. Don't try and hide or pretend to be wishing, you get to it. C'mon!

Art Classes

Jesus, why am I still writing short shit? Hopefully I get back in the groove soon...Crack pairing is love? Kabaji (Prince of Tennis)/Miss Goldenweek (One Piece)

Rumours had been spread in record timing. Each one of the blatant lies about the tiny 1st year brunette, referring to herself only as Goldenweek. Nothing more, nothing less. Moreso, she didn't appear to have the necessary intelligence or wealth to make it into the prestigious halls of Hyotei academy, because, in all honesty, she seemed to be rather air headed, albeit friendly enough. She'd skip, not walk, through the halls and talk to anyone who crossed her path, regardless of the plainly obvious fact that she was the lowest of the low in the pecking order. She'd sing quietly to herself whenever she worked. She was annoyingly lazy, often not bothering to do any class work unless she had her bags and whatnot within her tiny arm span. She'd take snack breaks during P.E and sleep when she was told to run laps, telling the coach she was 'sleepy' and thus forth couldn't perform the activities planned. In short, the unique 'Miss Goldenweek' was a freak in the eyes of the student body. A plain, straight up, freak.

Although, the strangest thing anyone ever saw Goldenweek do was kiss Kabaji Munehiro on the cheek after only meeting him for a little over thirty minutes.

They met in art class. Kabaji trudged in, his lumbering form in sharp contrast to the far lilther boy he followed, face set in the usual stonic not-frowning-not-smiling mask it always fell into and awaited calmly until Atobe was seated before silently perching himself next to the 'King' of Hyotei. Meanwhile, Goldenweek skipped in, big, brown eyes half closed and a bag full of paintbrushes dangling off her left arm haphazardly as she sauntered over to the far larger Kabaji, snatching the seat opposite him without even asking if one of the 'popular' people minded.
"Hey~" She drawled, nodding over at the boy who simply blinked at her,

Half an hour later, Goldenweek pumped a fist into the air,
"I've done it~" She called out half-heartedly before lowering her arm and brandishing the painting in Kabaji's direction,
"Hey~ Isn't it cool? It's my dream" The girl pointed at the image of herself waving a paintbrush manically, a Salvador Dali-esque moustache gracing her upper lip and a look of pure determination set in her eyes.

"You know, you're pretty cool, Kabaji, but Atobe's kinda not"
"But that doesn't matter, 'cause I like you"

Puzzle Perfect

Title: Puzzle Perfect
Fandom: One Piece
Rating: G
Characters/Pairing: Perona/Miss Goldenweek
Summary: Miss Goldenweek finds herself on a mysterious island owned by a pretty Princess


"What are you doing on my island?" A young girl, hair tied in childish braids, blinked her big, brown eyes sleepily as she took in the equally as short, pink haired weirdo that appeared to be rather annoyed as she circled the girl, her eyes narrowed in concentration before she pouted and threw herself to the ground,
"Waaaaaah~! You're not cute at all!" She whined, slamming her fists against the hard, mossy ground, sending dirt spraying over her rather pretty outfit and the 'uncute' child beside her who didn't seem at all effected by the sudden temper tantrum, instead a lazy smile spread across her face.
"Hey~, chill out. Just take a nap" She called over the furious and garbled shrieks of the other female, "Yeah. A nap. That sounds nice" And, without another word, the brunette allowed herself to fall back, head landing softly on the whining girl's lower back, her smile becoming ever more surreal as she realized that they fitted together perfectly.
"What's ya name?" She questioned in her tired haze, rather pleased that the stranger had stopped thrashing about as she felt the head,
"Perona. But that's Princess, to you...-"
"Miss Goldenweek"
"That's Princess to you, Goldenweek"


All Because

Title: All Because
Fandom: Silent Hill: Origins
Rating: PG -13
Characters/Pairings: Alessa/Lisa
Summary: A short reflection on why Alessa allowed Lisa to die



She brought her back to life. Gave her a new body, all pretty and new. And all she asked in return was her undying affection, a small price to ask for granting immortality and everlasting beauty. She warned her not to leave, to abandon her like the world had, told her that she couldn't live without her, that she loved her. But still she left. She'd been good and nice and attempted to be friendly, she even gave that truckie his freedom, all for her, because that's what she wanted. Upon reflection, she came to the grim realization that she should have killed what'shisname before he could ensnare her precious blonde doll and take her away forever, take her to a place she couldn't reach no matter how hard she tried. Yet, upon gazing apathetically into the teary blue eyes that begged for the man's life, she couldn't help but comply. All because she loved her.
But still she left and made an insane dash towards the city limits, screaming about how she didn't want to die as she watched her with cold, dark eyes.

"You shouldn't have left me, Lisa"

All because Alessa didn't like rejection.


Chris Hanson...I fucking love you. Seriously, you can catch my predator, anytime, you sassy motherfucker.

Chris Hanson you are
Awesome, why don't you take a
Seat over there

Chris Hanson catches
Lots of kiddy-fuckers with
Shouta fetishes

But wait a minute
I like Pride from FMA
Now I am scared D:

KHR Life


result image

You got the sweet and gentle Chikusa. He's very quiet and shy, but he certainly likes you a great deal. He would do anything for you, though he'd never say that. He's very thoughtful and is ready to help you with anything you need! Though he's somewhat useful for "everyday tasks", he's a very capable fighter and won't lose in a fight! I hope you two are happy together! ^_^

The the Quiz, Hime-sama orders you!


Awww, Chiku-chan is so adorable~ Although he and my mum have similar glasses, so I'm a little creeped out...



Other Storm people include Gokudera Hayato, Bianchi, Belphegor, and Rasiel. In addition to being aggressive, emotional and volatile, Storm people are also deeply responsive and devoted to those they love. They are easy to irritate but they are also extremely perseverant.

Hime-sama is serious, take the quiz!


But whatever, I mean, I'm in the same league as Bel! Fuckin' A!


So in my KHR! life, I'm going to date a guy with the same glasses as my Mum and be a storm guardian. Cool. Wait. That's not cool, I wanna be a Millefiore agent and hang-out with the Funeral Wreaths D:


My favourite KHR yuri pairing. I call them Cookshipping, don't like it? Too bad. Because I'm possibly the only one who loves them together.

1. Angst

Bianchi watched as I-Pin fought her way through their opponents, and fought the urge to allow the tears she held back to slip down her face. Because, at that moment, she knew she could no longer protect I-Pin.

2. AU

"I-Pin, can you take this to table seven?" The head baker, Bianchi, glanced over at her cute, Chinese waitress before quickly passing her a plate of chocolate chip cookies,
"Right" The waitress uttered back, turning on her heel and sauntering out of the room, choosing to ignore the slap on the butt from her employer.

3. Crack

"I-Pin, what did you just feed me?"
"...A gyoza full off aphrodisiacs"

4. Crossover

"Bianchi..." I-Pin fiddling with one of her long braids, her cheeks stained pink as she stood in front of her friend who simply 'hmm'-ed in acknowledgement,
"Do you like Ran-Mao more than me?" She almost jumped out of her skin as the dark haired Italian burst into a fit of hysterical laughter.

5. First Time

Their first time was special, solely because Bianchi wanted it to be. They were just about to tear off one another's clothes in the middle of the restaurant where I-Pin worked in a fit of lust, only for the older woman to stop and drag the Chinese teen to the nearest expensive hotel. It was more 'romantic' that way.

6. Fluff

"Ehhh~ I-Pin, the noodles are co-" The customer proceeded to keel over due to poison cake to the face.

7. Humor

"I-Pin, I'm going to grope you"
"You heard me, get running. I like a challenge"

8. Hurt/Comfort

Bianchi's eyes narrowed as she reapplied salve to I-Pin's wounds, the younger's clear discomfort only enraging her further. She swore she would never allow I-Pin to be injured again.

9. Smut

I-Pin never thought that shower sex sounded at all attractive, but as Bianchi rubbed against her while lathering her far smaller chest, she didn't find it so bad.

10. UST

"Eat the cake"
"Eat it"
"...God, I hate you"